A Dutch Cooper's Legacy: An Ouderkirk Story
Price: $30.00 - SOLD OUT
Hard bound, gold stamped and pages stitched. Excellent bibliography and partial index of approximately 550 names. Includes 70 photos and maps. 130 pages.
Published by Shirley E. Forth
Follow the trail of Jan Janse Ouderkerk from Holland to present day New York State. Jan first appears in records of 1660 in Beverwyck (Albany, New York). His home, lot size, neighbours, bartering system, and living conditions are all described. Jan's descendents later spread out across all of North America. Read about their experiences in the French and Indian wars, the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and both World Wars. Their stories are interspersed with stories of the happenings of their time. Some Ouderkerks married into United Empire Loyalist families and settled in the Williamsburg, Ontario, area. Their families spread out to Bracebridge, Parry Sound, etc. The Matheson Fire of 1916 claimed over 220 lives, including family members, and destroyed 1,000 square miles. Others who survived provided an eyewitness account of the tragedy.
Three related families have chapters about them: Luckey, Scott, and Forth. There are three family trees and lots of family lists.

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