Tried, Tested, Triumphant!
by Wayne Shirton

Price: $15.00
The eventful life story of Rev. Alf Rees, from his early days as a 'bad' boy from the Danforth, WWII Air Force service, small town minister, missionary in India and friend of Mother Teresa, evangelism in North America and friendship with Billy Graham.

Foreword by Janette Oke
It is unlikely that one could be a part of the Evangelical Missionary Church and be unaware of the name Alf Rees. His ministry and his drive have affected us all. But our denomination is not alone in being impacted by his fervour. His evangelistic preaching has touched many others, in many parts of the world.
Yet in spite of his divine calling, we are also made aware that he shares our common humanity. Life has not been “cushy” for Dr. Rees. God has not pampered this servant. Perhaps it is another reminder that trials and adversities serve to make us strong. Reverend Wayne Shirton has done a fine job of taking us on a journey through Alf’s life; watching a man grow, a ministry expand, and our God work.
May this story be a challenge and an encouragement to each one of us. We serve a great God, one who can do mighty things through humble and obedient servants.

Janette Oke

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