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History of the Camerons with Genealogies of the Principal Families by Alexander Mackenzie. Price: $50.00. Leather-like hard cover. Reprint of 1894 rare classic. 

Donald Mackenzie, "King of the Northwest"

Old John Holmes of Three Castles, Kilkenny and his Descendants 

A Guide to Military Temperance Medals of the British Army and Royal Navy by David A. Harris.

History of the Mackenzies with Genealogies of the Principal Families (reprint of rare book). Profits go to help restore the Castle in Scotland. 

"A Journey Through Time in Jamaica" (Kingston & 
St Andrews) by Donna Campbell-Kenny.

"Survival in Japanese POW Camps with Changkol & Basket"
by Airman Ernest G Darch 

"Frasers in Dryburn" by Barry Fraser

Sold out "Primal Families of the Yellow Creek Valley, a chronicle of the Pioneer Families of Dickson, Houston, and Montgomery Counties in Tennessee"

"Best Ever Quotations:
Some of the All-Time Wisest and Wittiest Quotes"
Compiled by Bernard Lewis

Markham Fair Recipe Book

A House Of Dreams: Wellesley to Hespeler 1870-1910

Those Enterprising Pennsylvania Germans 
Innovative German Settlers in Ontario, Canada

Tried, Tested, Triumphant! Rev. Alf Rees

Tale of a Tail Gunner by Gordon Rolfe

Youngs of Scotland by Douglas Young

A Story Of The Markham Berczy Settlers,  
200 Years In Markham by Lorne Smith

Pennsylvania German Books in Ontario

"Breaking Ground: The Pegg Family in Scott Township
and Related Family Lines", by Daniel K. Dixon.

"Godfrey Nims: a History of Colonial New England. Godfrey Nims and his Descendants" by Denise Janet Choppin. 

History and Genealogy of the Thuet Family of Hammerstatt

STONG Roots & Branches by Jean M. Constable. Genealogy of Stong family from Germany to USA and Canada. 370 pages, soft colour cover, laminated $25. 

A Dutch Cooper's Legacy: An Ouderkirk Story

Routes To Roots by Global Genealogy

From Drumholm, Donegal To Cartwright, Upper Canada:
The Dinsmore-Freeborn-Strong Families

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